Wholesome Dentistry

Hello! We are so glad you are checking out our website. You are probably in need of a dentist for your family, and you are doing your homework. You are also probably wondering what makes us different from every other dentist, since there are so many dentists in the beautiful city of San Antonio. We hope to answer some of your questions.

At our office, we like to get to know our patients. We also try to listen to your needs and wants, and we respect your opinions. If you are a mom or dad, we will do our best to teach you how to keep your children’s teeth healthy, with tips on oral hygiene, and also with diet. We take a whole-body approach when considering dental issues, and we strive to be minimally invasive and conservative when we plan treatment for a patient. We also try very hard to make dental treatment relatively painless. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while and feel bad about this, don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Edith Pena, DDS

Safe Products

As parents of young children, we are very interested in healthy food and non-toxic hygiene products.  As dentists, we are very interested in safe products for people, so we use products that are biocompatible, and low or no BPA.
Edith Pena, DDS

Senior Citizens

If you are a senior citizen, we will do our best to take our time and really listen to what issues you may be concerned about.  Whether it is root decay, gum disease, darkened teeth, or dry mouth, there are options that we can present to you that will help.

Edith Pena, DDS


If you are having a toothache, and need to be seen soon, please give us a call. We will see you as soon as we can.
Edith Pena, DDS

Para las personas hispanohablantes:

Saludos! Siéntanse seguros y tranquilos en nuestra oficina. Tanto la Doctora Peña, como el Doctor Gonzalez, hablan español, así es que pueden entender sus problems y necesidades. Si acaso tienen alguna inquietud, pueden venir a la oficina a conocernos, así pueden decidir si les podemos servir como su dentista.